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Affordable Luggage Storage Options in Hanoi

Tuấn Linh

Hanoi, the bustling capital of Vietnam, is a city that effortlessly blends rich history with modern vibrancy.

From the charming streets of the Old Quarter to the serene shores of Hoan Kiem Lake, there’s plenty to explore. However, navigating the city with heavy luggage can be a major inconvenience. This is where affordable luggage storage options come into play. In this article, we will explore the best affordable luggage storage options in Hanoi, ensuring your visit is hassle-free and enjoyable.

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Why Use Luggage Storage Services in Hanoi?

Before delving into the specific options available, it’s important to understand the benefits of using luggage storage services:

  1. Convenience: Exploring Hanoi with heavy bags can be tiring and limiting. Luggage storage services offer the convenience of freeing you from this burden.
  2. Security: Reliable luggage storage facilities ensure your belongings are safe and secure.
  3. Flexibility: Many storage services in Hanoi offer flexible hours and various locations, making it easy to drop off and pick up your luggage as needed.

Top Affordable Luggage Storage Options in Hanoi

1. WhaleLO

Overview: WhaleLO is a leading luggage storage provider in Hanoi, known for its affordability and convenience. With multiple locations around the city, WhaleLO makes it easy for travelers to find a nearby storage spot.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Locations: Conveniently located near major attractions and transport hubs.
  • Affordable Rates: Starting from just $2 per hour, with daily rates that offer even more savings.
  • Security: 24/7 surveillance and secure storage options.
  • Flexibility: Extended hours to cater to all travel schedules.

Why Choose WhaleLO: WhaleLO’s combination of low prices, multiple locations, and high security make it an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers. Whether you’re exploring the Old Quarter or waiting for a late-night flight, WhaleLO has you covered.

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2. Luggage & More

Overview: Luggage & More is a popular choice for travelers looking for budget-friendly luggage storage in Hanoi. Located in the heart of the city, it offers easy access to main tourist spots.

Key Features:

  • Central Location: Situated in the Old Quarter, close to major attractions.
  • Competitive Pricing: Hourly rates starting at $2.50, with discounts for longer storage periods.
  • Security: Secure facilities with constant monitoring.
  • Convenient Hours: Open from early morning to late evening.

Why Choose Luggage & More: Its central location and competitive rates make Luggage & More a convenient option for those exploring central Hanoi. The extended hours also accommodate travelers with varying schedules.

3. Hanoi Luggage Storage

Overview: Hanoi Luggage Storage offers a blend of affordability and security, with locations near key transit points, making it ideal for those in transit.

Key Features:

  • Proximity to Transit: Located near Hanoi Train Station and major bus terminals.
  • Affordable Rates: Daily rates starting at $5, with options for hourly storage.
  • Security: 24/7 surveillance and secure locks.
  • Customer Service: Friendly staff ready to assist with any needs.

Why Choose Hanoi Luggage Storage: This service is perfect for travelers arriving by train or bus who need a convenient and affordable place to store their luggage. The excellent security measures ensure peace of mind.

4. BagBNB

Overview: BagBNB is part of a global network of luggage storage providers, offering numerous locations across Hanoi. It partners with local businesses to provide safe and affordable storage options.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Locations: Spread throughout Hanoi, including near Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter.
  • Fixed Pricing: Flat rate of $6 per day, regardless of the storage duration.
  • Security: Partnered businesses ensure secure storage.
  • Ease of Booking: Simple online booking process.

Why Choose BagBNB: BagBNB’s extensive network and flat-rate pricing make it a convenient option for travelers who need reliable and affordable storage in various parts of the city.

5. Luggage Hero

Overview: Luggage Hero offers a pay-by-the-hour model, providing flexibility and affordability. With numerous locations, it’s a convenient option for many travelers.

Key Features:

  • Strategic Locations: Near popular tourist spots and transit hubs.
  • Flexible Pricing: Rates starting at $1 per hour, with a maximum daily cap.
  • Security: Insured storage and secure facilities.
  • User-Friendly: Easy online booking and check-in process.

Why Choose Luggage Hero: The pay-by-the-hour model is perfect for short-term storage needs, and the insurance coverage adds an extra layer of security. Its strategic locations make it highly convenient.

How to Choose the Best Luggage Storage Service in Hanoi


When selecting a luggage storage service, the location is crucial. Ensure the service is near your points of interest or transit hubs. WhaleLO, with its multiple locations, provides excellent accessibility.


Security is paramount when storing your belongings. Look for services with robust security measures such as 24/7 surveillance and secure locks. WhaleLO and other providers mentioned ensure high levels of security.


Compare the pricing structures of different services to find the most cost-effective option. While some services offer hourly rates, others have flat daily rates or discounts for longer durations. WhaleLO’s competitive rates make it a budget-friendly choice.


Flexible hours and easy access are essential, especially if you have unpredictable travel schedules. Services like WhaleLO offer extended hours to accommodate various needs.

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the reliability and quality of a luggage storage service. Look for positive feedback and high ratings to ensure a trustworthy service.

Exploring Hanoi without the burden of luggage allows you to fully immerse yourself in the city’s rich culture and vibrant atmosphere. Affordable luggage storage options are widely available, ensuring that your travel experience is both convenient and enjoyable.

Services like WhaleLO, Luggage & More, Hanoi Luggage Storage, BagBNB, and Luggage Hero offer excellent solutions to keep your belongings safe while you enjoy everything Hanoi has to offer. By choosing a service that provides convenient locations, robust security, flexible pricing, and positive customer reviews, you can make the most of your visit to Hanoi.

For a hassle-free and enjoyable trip, consider WhaleLO and other affordable luggage storage options in Hanoi. These services enhance your travel experience, allowing you to explore the city unencumbered and fully engage in all the wonderful activities Hanoi has to offer.

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