Cancel_Order for Hotel

Dear {user_name},

Your reservation has been canceled.

You can still maximize your travel convenience with WHALELO’s other services, including:
1. For luggages: Hassle-free luggage delivery (price from $5/bag/trip)
2. For passengers: Seamless Airport transportation (price from $15/trip)

To book, please chat with us via hotline: (+84) 983 603 108 (WhatsApp, Zalo, KakaoTalk, LINE).


Booking number: {order_id}

Transaction ID: {txn_id}

Name: {user_name}

Number of luggages: {number_of_bags}

Amount: {amount}

Drop-off date: {date_in}

Pick-up date: {date_out}

Storage: {hotel}

Address: {hotel_address}

Thank you very much for considering our service and please feel free to contact us if you need any further help.

Best Regards,

WhaleLO – Luggage Storage and Delivery

Hotline: +84 983 603 108 (WhatsApp, Zalo, KakaoTalk, LINE, available)

Email: [email protected]


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